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Dr. James E. Boulter - Biography

Dr. Boulter earned his undergraduate degree in Chemistry and Biochemistry with a certificate in Environmental Studies at Pacific Luthern University in Tacoma, Washington. He then went on to earn his Ph. D. in Analytic Chemistry with a certificate in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences at the University of Colorado-Boulder.

Before coming to UW-Eau Claire, Dr. Boulter worked various position in the field of chemistry in Seattle, Washington and Colorado, such as a graduate instructor at CU-Boulder and a research assistant as a post-doctoral fellow. Since 2004 he has been a member of the faculty in the Chemistry department at UW-Eau Claire. From 2011-2012,Dr. Boulter also served as the Sustainability Fellow, tracking efforts to reduce UW-Eau Claire's carbon footprint and working to support and coordinate initiatives to improve sustainability on campus. He currently hold the position of director of the Watershed Institute for Collaborative Environmental Studies. Throughout his career, he has earned several teaching awards from both CU-Boulder and UW-Eau Claire including the UW-Eau Claire Excellence in Advising Award in 2013.

Dr. Boulter's research interests focus on energy and climate issues and atmospheric chemistry, specifically particles in the atmosphere. His projects and graduate work were based on working with diverse range of particles, from ice particles in the upper atmosphere to silica particles at the ground level. He has given many talks and presentations focusing on topics including the environment, sustainability and climate change.

Outside of his academic pursuits, Dr. Boulter enjoys spending time with his wife and their labradoodle, Marty. He is also a musician; he played the trumpet in symphonies and brass quintets throughout school and currently sings in the chorale group, The Master Singers.