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University-Wide Committees Established
by Faculty and Academic Staff Rules and Procedures


UF = University Faculty (indicated when relevant)
UAS = University Academic Staff (indicated when relevant)
APAS = Administrative or Professional Academic Staff
IAS = Instructional Academic Staff
College indicated when relevant

Chairs indicated in Red


University-Wide Nominating Committee
Kristin Schaupp.Philosophy & Religious Studies (2018) Ryan Banaszak, Housing & Residence Life (2018)
Staci Heidtke, Career Services (2018) Phil Huelsbeck, Continuing Educ. (2019)
Vicky Samelson, Comm. Sci. & Dis. (2019) Jacqueline Bonneville, St. Affairs (2019)
Deborah Elledge, Comm. Sci. & Disorders (2019) Norah Airth-Kindree, Nursing (2019)
Abby Hemmerich, Comm. Sci. & Disorders (2019) Jodi Thesing-Ritter, St. Affairs (2020)
Faculty Complaint, Grievance & Termination Review Committee
Maria DaCosta, Economics (2020) James Oberly, History (2018)
Vicki Witledge, Mathematics (2020) Jeff Erger, Sociology (2018)
Crispin Pierce, Watershed (2020) Todd Wellnitz, Biology (2018)
Eric Jennings, Library (2020) Vacant (2019)
Cheryl Lapp, Nursing (2020) Steven Fink, Philosophy & Religious Studies (2020)
Erica Benson, English (2019) Mary Canales, Nursing (2019)
Lisa Quinn-Lee, Social Work (2018) Matt Evans, Physics & Astronomy (2019)
Reiko Shinno, History (2018) Carter Smith, Languages (2019)
Jeff Goodman, Psychology (2018) April Bleske-Rechek, Psychology (2019)
University Planning Committee
Debra Jansen, Nursing (2019) Jenni Sterling, Univ. Centers (2017)
Audrey Fessler, English (2019) Kimberly Wellnitz, Advising (2017)
Jean Pratt, Info. Systems (2020) Andy Jepson, Recreation (2018)
Leah Olson-McBride, Soc. Work (2020) Allen Rieck, Music & Theatre Arts (2018)
Vacant, Senate Chair, ex officio  
Vacant, Asst. Chancellor for Finance or designee, ex officio Katy McGarry, Student Body President or designee, ex officio
MJ Brukardt, Exec. Dir. of Marketing & Planning, ex officio
Andy Nelson, Institutional Research, ex officio

University Liberal Education Committee
Jessica Kraker, Mathematics, A&S (2020)
Stephen Drucker, Chemistry, A&S (2018)
Gary Don, Music & Theatre Arts, A&S (2020) Jan Larson, Comm. & Journ., A&S (2019)
Steven Fink, Philosophy & Religious Studies, A&S (2019)
Thomas Kemp, Economics, A&S (2018)
Lyle Ford, Physics/Astronomy, A&S 2018 Rajarshi Aroskar, Accounting & Finance, BUS (2019)
Angie Stombaugh, Nursing, NHS (2019) Gabi Eissa, Management & Marketing BUS (2017)
Debra Hofmann, Nursing, NHS (2017) Yoonsin Oh, Kinesiology EHS (2019)
Hans Kishel, Library, Library Rep. (2018) Cathy Thorsen, Special Education, EHS (2018)
Cheryl Lochner-Wright, Int. Educ., AS Rep. (2020)  
Mary Hoffman, i-AVC - appointed Nathan Altmann, Student Representative

University Faculty Awards Committee
Jason Spraitz, Political Science, (2017) Tom Sather, Comm. Sci. Dis. (2019)
Kenneth Pereira, Music & Theatre Arts (2017) Jennifer Muehlenkamp, Psychology (2019)
Norah Airth-Kindree, Nursing (2018) Saori Braun, Kinesiology, (2018)

Academic Staff Complaint, Grievance and Review Committee
IAS - Nicole Jones, Comm. Sci. & Dis., 2019 APAS - Shu Cheng, Int. Educ., (2019)
APAS - Kim Wellnitz, CoB (2019) APAS - Kelsey Kopp, CoB (2020)
APAS - Marcia St. Germain, Nursing (2020) APAS - Faith Pawelski, Acad. Skills (2018)
APAS -Deb Newman, Housing & Res. Life (2020) IAS - Karen Morris, Comm. & Journ. (2018)
IAS - Kelly Murray, Biology (2018)  

Academic Staff Professional Development Committee
Jacqueline Bonneville, Student Affairs, (2019) Jodi Thesing-Ritter, Student Affairs (2020)
Marcia St. Germaine, Nursing/Health Sciences (2018) Melody Manteufel, Career Serv. (2019)
Katie Strope, Services for St. w/ Disabilities (2020) Alyssa Slaby, Career Serv. (2018)
Vacant (2018) Karen Havholm, ORSP
Teresa O' Halloran, Affirmative Action
Administrative and Professional Academic Staff Awards Committee
Patti See, Acad. Skills (2019) Gretchen Hutterli, Assistant Dean COB, (2017)
Jenna Krosch, Int. Educ. (2019) Andy Strowig, St. w/ Disabilities, (2017)
Joey Bohl, Admissions, (2018)  
Administrator Review Committee
James Oberly, History, 2018 - Elected by/from A&S
Terry Wells, Management & Marketing, 2019 - Elected by/from BUS
Carol Koroghlanian, Educ. Studies, 2018 - Elected by/from EHS
Mary Zwygart-Stauffacher, Nursing, 2017 - Elected by/from NHS
Gretchen Hutterli, COB, 2019 - Elected by/from APAS
Josh Engle, Student Affairs, 2020 - Elected by/from APAS
Peg Johnson, Kinesiology 2017 - Elected by/from IAS
Jenni Sterling, University Centers, 2018 - Elected by/from University Staff Council
Jackson Schmidtke, International Eduacation, 2019 - Elected by/from University Staff Council
University Assessment Committee
Shelley-Rae Pehler, Nursing, NHS (2018) Kristin Schumacher, University Centers (2018)
Diane Marcyjanik, Nursing, NHS (2017) Katie Weichelt, Housing (2017) (Peter Rejto, Housing (2019))
Kim Pierson, Physics, A&S (2017) Mary Hoffman, Comm./Journ., (2017)
Doug Matthews, Psychology, A&S (2018) Sheryl Poirier, Univ. Recreation, (2017)
Jill Prushiek, Dean's Office, EHS (2018) Stephen Hill, Political Science (2018)
Abby Hemmerich, Comm. Sci. & Disorders, EHS (2017) Paula Kleintjes-Neff, Biology (2019)
Tony Keys, Information System, BUS (2017) Jennifer Fager, Director of Assessment
Thomas Hilton, Information Systems, BUS (2019)  

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