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University Committees Established
by Faculty and Academic Staff Rules and Procedures


*Non-Voting Members
UF = University Faculty (indicated when relevant)
UAS = University Academic Staff (indicated when relevant)
APAS = Administrative or Professional Academic Staff
IAS = Instructional Academic Staff
College indicated when relevant

Chairs indicated in Red


University Faculty Nominating Committee
David Leland, Psychology (2015) Robert Strong, For. Lang. (2015)
Kenneth Pereira, Music/Theatre Arts (2014) Todd Vandenbark, Library (2014)
Elisha Polomski, Physics/Astro. (2014)  
Faculty Complaint, Grievance & Termination Review Committee
Marc Goulet, A&S (2014) Robert Barth, Geog./Anthro. (2015)
Joel Pace, English (2014) Jeff Erger, Sociology (2015)
Katherine Lang, History. (2014) Geoff Peterson, Political Science (2015)
Sean McAleer, Phil./Rel. Studies (2014) Maria DaCosta, Economics 2014 (2016)
Scott Whitfield, Phy./Ast. (2014) Crispin Pierce, Public Health 2014 (2016)
Matthew Evans, Physics/Ast. (2014) Marie Stadler, Comm. Science & Disorders 2014 (2016)
Carmen Manning, English 2014 (2015) Michael Fine, Pol. Science (2016)
Reiko Shinno, History (2015) Michelle Kettler, Biology (2016)
Kathryn Tvaruzka, Library (2015) J. Todd Stephens, Special Educ. (2016)
University Planning Committee
Rhetta Standifer, Man./Mark.(2015) Rose Battalio, Special Educ. (2015)
Carter Smith, For. Lang. (2014) Robin Beeman, Nursing (2014)
Steve Drucker, Chemistry (2016) Troy Terhark, Univ. Rec. (2016)
Kim Wellnitz, Advising (2016) Dan Gharrity, LTS (2016)
Mitch Freymiller, Senate Chair  
MJ Brukardt, Strategic Planning
Andy Nelson, Institutional Research

University Liberal Education Committee
Sean McAleer, Phil./Rel., A&S (2014)
Doug Faulkner, Geog./Anthro., A&S (2015)
Melissa Bonstead Bruns, A&S (2014) Marty Wood, English, A&S (2016)
Alex Smith, Mathematics, A&S (2016)
Marc Goulet, Math/Lib. St., A&S (2015)
Jeff Vahlbusch, For. Lang. (Phillip Ihinger, Geology), A&S (2014(2015)) Anthony Keys, INformation Systems, BUS (2016)
Angie Stombaugh, Nursing, NHS (2016) Bill Miller, Accounting, BUS (2014)
Cheryl Brandt, Nursing, NHS (2014) Marie Stadler, Comm. Science, EHS (2016)
Robin Miller, Library (2015) Marquell Johnson, Kinesiology, EHS (2015)
Linda Carlson, For. Lang. (2014)  
Mike Carney, Int. AVC - appointed Stephen Kahlow, Student Representative

University Faculty Awards Committee
Bryan Vogh, Library (2014) Won Yong Jang, Comm./Journal. (2016)
Mary La Rue, Kinesiology (2014) Sanchita Hati, Chemistry (2016)
Angie Stombaugh, Nursing (2015) Lisa Quinn-Lee, Social Work (2015)


University Academic Staff Nominating Committee
Kim O'Kelly, Budget/Finance (2015) Kristi Herbenson, St. Affairs (2014)
Katie Ritland-Clouse, Advising/New St. (2014)

Academic Staff Complaint, Grievance and Review Committee
IAS - Lori Snyder, Geology (2014) (2016) APAS - Kim O'Kelly, Bud./Fin. (2014) (2016)
APAS - Heather Pearson, Admissions(2016) APAS - Laura Rubenzer, St. Support (2014)
APAS - Lissa Martinez, Blu. Beg. (2014) APAS - Pattie See, Acad. Skills (2015)
APAS - Julia Diggins, Advising (2014) IAS - Linda Sargent, Nursing (2014) (2015)
IAS - Steve Spina, Phil & Rel St. (2015)  

Academic Staff Professional Development Committee
Miranda Cross Schindler, Records/Reg. (2016) Kim Wellnitz, Advising (2014)
Cheryl Lochner-Wright, Int. Ed. (2015) Faith Pawelski, Acad. Skills (2016)
Vicky Thomas, St. w. Dis. (2014) Danielle Widmer, Admissions (2015)
Diane Marcyjanik, Nursing (2015) Karen Havholm, ORSP
Teresa O' Halloran, Affirmative Action
Administrative and Professional Academic Staff Awards Committee
Miranda Cross-Schindler, Records & Registration (2016) Marcia St. Germaine, Nursing (2014)
Julia Diggins, Advising (2016) Jenny Gabler, Housing (2014)
Ivy Bohnlein, Honors Program (2015)  

Administrator Review Committee
Jon Loomis, 2015 - Elected by/from A&S
Joe Bonner, Management & Marketing, 2016 - Elected by/from BUS
J. Todd Stephens, 2015 - Elected by/from EHS
Shelley Rae Pehler, Nursing, 2014 - Elected by/from NHS
Jacqueline Bonneville, St. Affairs, 2016 - Elected by/from APAS
Julia Diggins, Advising, 2014- Elected by/from APAS
Laurel Kieffer, Title III, 2014 - Elected by/from IAS
Maxine Mork, Bus. Specialist, 2016 - Elected by/from Classified Staff Council
Bill Hoepner, LTS, 2015 - Elected by/from Classified Staff Council
University Assessment Committee
Shelley-Rae Pehler, Nursing, NHS (2015) Jodi Thesing-Ritter, Student Affairs/Dean of Students (2015)
Cheryl Brandt, Nursing, NHS (2014) Leslie Huntington, Athletics (2016)
Kim Pierson, Physics, A&S (2014) Peter Rejto, Housing & Residence Life (2014)
Stephen Hill, Political Science, A&S (2015) Carmen Manning, English (2014)
Jill Prushiek, Dean's Office, EHS (2015) Rose Battalio, Special Education (2015)
Marie Stadler, Comm. Sci. & Disorders, EHS (2014) John Pollitz, Library (2016)
Tim Vaughan, Dean's Office, BUS (2016) Jennifer Fager, Director of Assessment
Scott Swanson, Man. & Marketing, BUS (2014)  

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