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University Senate Committees


UF = University Faculty (indicated when relevant)
UAS = University Academic Staff (indicated when relevant)
APAS = Administrative or Professional Academic Staff
IAS = Instructional Academic Staff
College or School indicated when relevant

Chairs in Red

*Non-Voting Members

Executive Committee
Jean Pratt, (F/BUS), 2017 *James Schmidt, Chancellor
Jerry Hoepner, (F/EHS), 2016 *Patricia Kleine, Provost/VC
Rose Jadack, (F/NHS), 2017 *Beth Hellwig, Assoc. VC Student Affairs
Selika Ducksworth-Lawton, (F/A&S), 2016  
John Pollitz, (F/Any), 2016 Katie Wilson, Acad Staff Rep, 2018
Bob Hooper, (F/Any), 2017 Geoff Peterson, Faculty Staff Rep, 2018
Linda Carlson (AS/Any), 2017 Mitch Freymiller, Senate Chair, 2017
Holly Hassemer (AS/Any), 2016 Sherrie Serros, Vice Chair, 2017
Marc Mc Ellistrem, (F/Any), 2017 Douglas Olson, (F/Any), 2017
Ganga Vadhavkar, (F/Any), 2016 Marty Wood, (F/Any), 2016
Luke Fedie, (AS/Any), 2016 Jason Anderson, (AS/Any), 2017
Faculty Personnel Committee
Jon Loomis (A&S), 2017 Mike Carney, Assoc. VC (appd)
Geoffrey Peterson (A&S), 2016 Vacant (Tom Hilton) (BUS), 2019
Alex Smith (A&S), 2018 Cathy Thorsen (EHS), 2016
Jeff Erger (A&S), 2016 Lisa Schiller (NHS), 2018
James Phillips, Chemistry, (A&S), 2017  
Academic Staff Personnel Committee
Julie Aminpour (APAS), 2016 Lori Snyder (IAS), 2017
Odawa White (APAS), 2018 Heather Pearson (APAS), 2017
Katie Ritland Clouse, Advising (APAS), 2018 Catherine Lee (APAS), 2019
Katie Wilson (APAS), 2018 Vacant (Linda Carlson) (IAS), 2019
Cynthia Chapek (IAS), 2018 Stephanie Jamelske (appd)
Academic Policies Committee
Jerry Hoepner (EHS), 2016 *Patricia Kleine,Provost/Vice Chancellor
Jean Pratt (BUS), 2016 *Stephanie Wical (LIB), 2017
Cheryl Lapp (NHS), 2018  
Bob Hooper, (A&S), 2017  
Selika Ducksworth-Lawton, (A&S), 2017  
Sean McAleer (A&S), 2018  
Marie-Claire Koissi (A&S), 2018  
Bob Nowlan (A&S), 2017  
Ned Gannon (A&S), 2016 Student Member - Mathew Riedel
Compensation Committee
Kate Hinnant (UF), 2017 *Stephanie Jamelske, Budget Officer, Acad. Affairs
Jana Armstrong (UAS), 2018 Vacant (UAS), 2019
Manda Riehl (UF), 2019 Dan Strouthes (UF), 2017
Vacant (Katie Wilson) (UAS), 2019 Vacant (D'Arcy Becker) (UF), 2019
  Joey Bohl (UAS), 2017
  *Fred Kolb (UWS Comm on Fringe Benefits)
Budget Committee
Holly Hassemer (UAS), 2017 Peter Rejto, Buildings/Grounds
Julie Aminpour (UAS), 2016 Stephanie Jamelske, Budget Officer, AA
Ryan Banaszak (Housing/Res.) 2018 Diane Hoadley, Dean
Deb Pattee (EHS) 2018 Keith Stearns (BUS) 2016
Sherrie Serros (A&S) 2017 Vacant (Nelsestuen) (US) 2018
Lois Slattery (NHS) 2016 Student Member - Mary-Laura Samples
Nominating Committee
Kristin Schaupp (UF), 2018
Marty Wood (UF), 2016
Staci Heidtke (UAS), 2018
Jim Phillips (UF), 2016
Lois Slattery (UAS), 2016
Ryan Banaszak (UAS), 2018
Physical Plant Planning Committee
David Soll (UF), 2016 Chris Floyd (UAS/Biol), 2018
Ryan Jones (UF), 2018 (Sean Hartnett (UF/Geog), 2017
Jill Markgraf (UF), 2017 Susan O'Brien (UF/Art & Design), 2016
Jason Anderson (UAS), 2017 Ric Gonzales, Facilities Planner
Julia Lehman Caldwell (UAS), 2018 Chris Hessel, Eng. Spec., (US) 2016
Daria Hutchinson, (US) 2018 Mary-Laura Samples, Student Member

Technology Committee
April Pierson (UAS) 2017 Julie Aminpour (UAS) 2018
Paul Thomas (UF, A&S) 2017 Holly Hassemer (UAS) 2016
Anthony Keys (UF, BUS) 2016 Craig Ernst (US) 2016
Carol Koroghlanian, (UF, EHS) 2016  
Angie Stombaugh (UF,NHS) 2018 Jarrett Yuknis, Student Member
  Chip Eckardt, LTS (CIO)


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