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Fund and Account Details


100    Non-Appropriated Revenue
102    General Program Operations-University Cluster
104    General Program Operations-Extension Programs
106    General Program Operations-System Wide
109    Utilities and Heating
110    Debt Service - Principal & Interest
119    Distinguished Professorships
123    Auxiliary Debt Service
128    Auxiliary Enterprises
131    Academic Student Fees
132    Extension Non-Credit Program Receipts
133    Gifts and Donations General (Includes Contracts)
134    Gifts-Institutional Student Loan Funds
136    Other Operating Receipts
144    Federal Aid-Special Projects
145    Federal Aid-Work Study
146    Federal Aid-Supplementary Education Opportunity Grants
147    Federal Aid-Perkins Student Loans
148    Federal Aid-Pell Grants
149    Federal Aid-Ford Direct Loans
150    Federal Indirect Cost Reimbursement
151    Federal Aid-Nursing Loans-Undergraduate
161    Endowment Trust Fund Income
182    Distinguished Professorships-Matching

184    License Plate Scholarship Program    
189    Extension Student Fees
402    Minority and Disadvantaged Programs
403    Advanced Opportunity Program
406    Ben Lawton Minority Undergraduate Retention Grants
960    Contingent Fund
966    Advance Academic Fees
990    Revenue Clearing
991    Travel Advances
999    Insurance Losses

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0    Student Services
1    Institutional Support
2    Instruction
4    Research
5    Public Service
6    Academic Support
7    Operation and Maintenance of Physical Plant
8    Auxiliary Enterprises
9    Financial Aid

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