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ULEC Meeting Agenda

The University Liberal Education Committee is responsible for developing criteria and intended learning outcomes for the liberal education core: the core includes General Education and other university-wide course/experience requirements outside the major/minor. It is responsible for recommending such criteria and intended learning outcomes to the Academic Policies Committee and to the University Senate. It serves as the coordinating body for university liberal education reform efforts.

The Committee is responsible for:

  • Periodic review of university graduation requirements outside the major/minor
  • Development of criteria for inclusion of courses and high impact practices in the liberal education core
  • Periodic review of existing course offerings of the liberal education core for re-approval 
  • Working with the Office of Academic Affairs to annually evaluate liberal education core effectiveness in achieving the liberal education goals as passed by the University Senate.


  1. Faculty representatives as follows: seven from the College of Arts and Sciences; two from the College of Business; two from the College of Education and Human Sciences; two from the College of Nursing and Health Sciences; and one from the Library (ex officio and non-voting) (3-year term)
  2. One Academic Staff representative (ex officio and non-voting) (2-year term)
  3. Provost/Vice Chancellor or Designee (ex officio and non-voting)
  4. One student

Elected by/from the College of Arts and Sciences

  • Lyle Ford (Spring 2016), Professor and Chair, Department of Physics and Astronomy, filling in for Stephen Drucker (2018), Professor, Department of Chemistry
  • Thomas Kemp (2017), Professor, Department of Economics
  • Paula Kleintjes Neff (2018), Professor, Department of Biology
  • Gretchen Peters (2017), Professor, Department of Music and Theatre Arts
  • Alexander Smith (2016), Professor and Chair, Department of Mathematics
  • Mary Beth Leibham (Spring 2016) Associate Professor, Department of Psychology, filling in for Laura Suppes (2018), Assistant Professor, Watershed Institute
  • Martin Wood (2016), Professor, Department of English

Elected by/from the College of Nursing and Health Sciences

  • Cheryl Brandt (2017), Professor, Department of Nursing
  • Angela Stombaugh (2016), Associate Professor, Department of Nursing; Director of CETL

Elected by/from the College of Education and Human Sciences

  • Marie Stadler (2016), Professor and Chair, Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders
  • Cathy Thorsen (2018), Associate Professor, Department of Special Education

Elected by/from the College of Business

  • Anthony Keys (2016), Associate Professor, Department of Information Systems
  • William Miller (2017), Associate Professor, Department of Accounting and Finance; Chair of the Committee

Elected by/from Academic Staff

  • Josh Lind (2017), Associate Registrar, Records and Registration (ex officio and non-voting)

Elected by/from the Library

  • Hans Kishel (2018), Associate Professor/Research and Instruction Librarian, McIntyre Library (ex officio and non-voting)

Appointed by Student Senate

  • Mathew Riedel, Student Representative

Provost or Designee

  • Mike Carney, Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs (ex officio and non-voting)


  • Sarah Forcier, Program Assistant, Academic Affairs