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Integrated Marketing and Communications staff

MJ Brukardt   | Special Assistant to the Chancellor,
Executive Director of Marketing and Planning | 715-836-5775

Mike Rindo   | Assistant Chancellor for Facilities and University Relations | 715-836-4742

Corrynn Mahnke | University Services Program Associate  | 715-836-3331

Rebecca Dienger

Rebecca Dienger, IMC director | 715-836-4423

Becky shepherds the staff and strategies of the IMC, and consults with executive leadership about the priorities that guide our daily work. She collaborates with partners across campus and in the community, and ensures that the messages and initiatives of the IMC uphold the university's reputation of excellence. Becky chooses her words carefully, particularly when playing Scrabble, and is a fan of all things Elvis.

Snow River

Jennifer Benike, Digital marketing manager | 715-836-3240


Kathy Binder

Kathy Binder, Creative services manager | 715-836-5234

Kathy is a strategist for the IMC, and supervises the imaginative and artistic graphic design team. She collaborates with many partners across campus including University Centers, the Camps and Conferences team, the Division of Student Affairs and major campus events. Kathy and her team serve as project managers, design experts and brand champions. While not living and breathing visual communications, Kathy spends her time chasing her young daughter around and cheering on the Packers. 

Mike Knuth

Michael Knuth, Content manager | 715-836-4736

Mike leads the content team within the IMC, and he collaborates with faculty, administration and staff across campus to ensure UW-Eau Claire's amazing stories of success are shared far and wide. A lifelong journalist, he has always enjoyed writing, editing and making a difference in the community. He is a proud UW-Eau Claire alumnus, and he cherishes spending quality time with family and escaping to the great north woods of Wisconsin to hunt whitetail deer.

Jodi Baglien Sparkes

Jodi Baglien Sparkes, Graphic artist | 715-836-5248

Jodi can be considered as the swiss army knife of design at UW-Eau Claire. This title has been earned through years of working on multiple projects that span across multiple areas. While she's not sharing the newest trends in the industry or designing a drool-worthy piece, she can be found finding adventure with her two adorable children and husband, preferably on a lake or mountain. 

Judy Berthiaume

Judy Berthiaume, Senior editor | 715-836-4745

Judy is the IMC's chief storyteller, sharing stories about the many exceptional people that make UW-Eau Claire such a phenomenal place. She talks with students, faculty, staff and alumni to find and to share their successes, initiatives, challenges and dreams with the campus community and the world beyond. Judy has a nose for news, but she has a heart for blue and gold, having spent more than half of her life studying or working on campus.

Alex Jansen

Alex Jansen, Marketing specialist | 715-836-3808

Part Blugold and part Badger (Bluger? Badgold?), Alex is a marketing specialist tasked with updating and enriching the department websites. When not in the office nitpicking sentences and writing concise content, he can be found enjoying craft beer, frequenting music festivals and watching reruns of 30 Rock and Seinfeld. Alex is a proud WPR Sustainer, avid New York Times reader and ardent cardigan wearer.

Emily Kaltenberg

Emily Kaltenberg, Marketing specialist | 715-836-3125

In her role as a marketing specialist, Emily spends a majority of her time creating appealing web sites for departments across the university. When she isn't crafting sentences or site layouts, Emily enjoys everything craft related – from building her latest Pinterest craft project to trying the latest craft beer on tap!  

Casie Kamph

Casie Kamph, Marketing specialist | 715-836-4067

Casie, pronounced "KC", creates content in a unique and conversational way for the university website redesign project. She works closely with departments to ensure she gives them the best website to attract the right students to their programs. You can find Casie obsessing over dogs anywhere, talking to anyone and everyone, singing to herself around the office or laughing at her own jokes.

Jennifer Kieffer

Jen Kieffer, Marketing specialist | 715-836-2110

Jen contributes communication strategy and execution to the Admissions implementation teams and retention and student services efforts. She loves making communications more clear and compelling, and is also an email marketer and lead generation junkie. She is a faithful editor for her fellow IMC-ers and helps out with the website redesign project. She reads. A lot. Important items are her husband, kids, friends, job, home, faith, running, music, coffee, and wine. #contentment

Bonnie Krahn

Bonnie Krahn, Graphic artist | 715-836-5105

Bonnie works as a graphic artist within the IMC. She works closely with the College of Business to communicate the college's message across a wide range of digital and print media. Projects include student recruitment materials, special events, alumni events, and fundraising endeavors. Bonnie is a proud Blugold. She has participated in campus events from an early age and is a two-time alum, having earned both her BFA and MBA degrees from UW-Eau Claire. Being a product of the transformational education offered here fuels her passion to share this experience with others. In her free time, you can find her training at the gym, attending live music events, and improving her golf game.

Sara Larsen

Sara Larsen, Marketing specialist | 715-836-2747

Sara is someone who knows a little about a lot in the IMC. She enjoys being a marketing mastermind for all things UWEC and her main focus has been reimagining the website. She will never pass up anything that involves friends, family, food or fun, as long as she can head to bed before 10. Words that do not describe Sara: quiet, shy, unapproachable.

Glen Mabie

Glen Mabie, Communications specialist | 715-836-3538

Glen uses video to tell stories about UW-Eau Claire. And there are a lot of stories to tell. Working with faculty, staff and students, he helps get the message out about all the great opportunities UW-Eau Claire offers for students who want to make a difference in the world.

Brian Moen

Brian Moen, Graphic artist | 715-836-4547

Brian is a visual communicator in the IMC with expert design chops earned through a boatload of varied graphic projects. A well-versed Jack-of-many-trades, he is a creative problem solver, lifelong learner, positive team player, and a real stickler for details. His passion for typography might qualify as obsession. As a touring recording artist, he has experienced most of the US, Canada, and Europe from behind a steering wheel and drumkit, and is constantly resisting the urge to drum on his desk. He has an affinity for all things artisanal and has not yet learned how to sit still.

Amanda Obenhoffer

Amanda Obenhoffer, Graphic artist | 715-836-2954

Amanda works as a Graphic Artist within the IMC, consulting with clients in the campus community to create effective and interesting visual marketing materials. She is passionate about working with students and providing them with the ultimate graphic design internship portfolio building experience. Shutterbug at Heart, Agriculture Enthusiast, Confectionary Creator, and Caffeine Connoisseur. 

Denise Olson

Denise Olson, Marketing specialist | 715-836-2029

As a marketing specialist for campus website redesign, Denise uses her love of words and language to convey the magic of this university in creating dynamic and gorgeous new department sites. Her alumni status and lifelong Eau Claire residency make it much easier to do her job, which is to tell the story of the incredible programs and opportunities for Blugolds. Between youth sporting events, you will find her on her yoga mat whenever possible.

Sheila Pederson

Sheila Pederson, Graphic artist | 715-836-4871

Long-time graphic designer of marketing materials for UWEC, Sheila closely collaborates with colleagues while using innovative design to grab the attention of prospective students and putting the Blugold experience within their reach. As a true fan of every Wisconsin season, Sheila can be found in the great outdoors any chance she gets.

Jean Piper

Jean Piper, Office manager | 715-836-4003

Tending to all things IMC, Jean uses her flair for organization and problem solving to ensure the smooth day-to-day running of our evolving office. Besides keeping this team in step, she fills her day with spreadsheets, websites, slideshows and is your go-to person for the campus master calendar. Jean relishes spending time outdoors, creating DYI projects, socializing with friends and hanging out with family.

Julie PoquetteJulie Poquette, Senior editor | 715-836-3985

Julie is a proud UW-Eau Claire graduate and honored to work with the faculty, staff and students at her alma mater. Her responsibilities include internal communications for faculty and staff, chancellor communications support, media relations, and maintaining information related to UW-Eau Claire's "Points of Pride" and the university's Experts Directory. Julie is a new and enthusiastic convert to the sport of curling and can be found throughout summer and fall on the area's awesome bike trails.

Isaac Risseeuw

Isaac Risseeuw, Community manager | 715-836-5281

Isaac shares the university's story on social media and through other marketing efforts. He also brings together social media minds throughout campus to help create a cohesive online presence for UW-Eau Claire. If Isaac's life was a social feed it would be filled with photos from the raddest concerts, gifs from the latest Netflix series and check-ins to anything and everything going on in Eau Claire.

Elly Rochester

Elly Rochester, Graphic artist | 715-836-4986

Elly works as a graphic artist within the IMC. The bulk of her time is spent designing marketing pieces for Continuing Education in an effort to attract the contemporary student back into the fold. Elly feels that every one deserves great design and apparently does not understand what the word "pro bono" means. She loves a great cup of coffee and has been known to straighten out shopping carts in the corral when no one is looking. 

Laurie St. Aubin-Whelihan

Laurie St. Aubin-Whelihan, Digital marketing manager | 715-836-3476

Motivated by a passion for the Wisconsin Idea and a desire to increase awareness of and access to UW-Eau Claire resources, Laurie focuses on reaching contemporary learners of all ages through digital marketing and search engine optimization. She thought she might live in France one day. Now it looks more like a cabin on Lake TahkodahC'est la vie.

Sandra Taylor

Sandy Taylor, Communications specialist | 715-836-2302

Sandy updates and maintains the Continuing Education website and designs and manages the CE email campaigns. Besides working full time for the University, she is a part-time non-traditional student at UW-Eau Claire who will graduate with a degree in Liberal Studies in December 2016. Sandy is a middle child who is proud of her ability to negotiate as well as stand her ground, and enjoys gardening, writing, random facts, bad jokes and good-natured pranks. 

Diane Walkoff

Diane Walkoff, Communications specialist | 715-836-3525

Diane edits and writes for IMC. She takes pride in fine-tuning the work of IMC colleagues as well as writing about the accomplishments of faculty, staff, students and alumni. In her free time, Diane enjoys challenging herself at the gym, playing violin in the CV Symphony, sharing all of life’s twists with her husband (UW-Eau Claire chemistry professor Steve Drucker) and kids, and enlisting them as unofficial taste testers in her quest for the ultimate portable protein. A proud Tufts University graduate, Diane has a hunch that Jumbo and Blu would get along well.

Emily Wermund

Emily Wermund, Marketing specialist | 715-836-3752

A proud Blugold alumni, Emily is passionate about writing and developing content that promotes all things great about UW-Eau Claire. As a Marketing Specialist, she is responsible for communicating the messages of various departments and programs across campus that shape the Blugold experience into something exceptional. She lives in Menomonie with her partner, Adam, and English Setter, Shania. When she's not fostering other rescue dogs, she can be found on a spin bike, in the middle of a house project, hosting team trivia nights at a local wine bar, or working through her Master's program in Organizational Leadership.

IMC Student Interns

Hailey Draxler

Hailey Draxler
Office assistant

Erin Finneman

Erin Finneman

Ben Fisher

Ben Fisher
Social media

Taylor Hoffman

Taylor Hoffman
Social media

Snow River

Jacob Kohner
Graphic artist

Emily Lemmens

Emily Lemmens
Social media

Snow River

Meredith Mortimer
Graphic artist

Lachlin Rajotte-Carlson

Lachlin Rajotte-Carlson
Graphic artist

Dylan Thomas

Dylan Thomas
Social media

Alison Wagener

Alison Wagener

Roslyn Zapchenk
Graphic artist