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Information for Students and Families 

News releases

The News Bureau staff is available to help students get information to the media about student activities, events and successes. Contact the News Bureau if you or someone you know is involved in an activity that you think would be of interest to the campus, greater Eau Claire community or your hometown paper.

Hometown news

We regularly send to students’ hometown newspapers information about student distinctions such as dean’s list, academic distinction, scholarships or selection into honor societies. Students must contact the Registrar’s Office to request that a restriction be placed on their records if they do not want information about them released to the media.

If you’ve earned university honors, such as being named to the dean’s list, and information hasn’t appeared in your hometown newspaper, contact the News Bureau and we can help you identify the problem. But please be patient. It takes several weeks past commencement for final records to be completed. The News Bureau sends information to the hometown papers within a day or two of receiving it. It’s then up to each newspaper to decide when and if it will publish the information. We can provide them with the information, but we cannot make them use it.

Student writers

The News Bureau regularly hires student writers during the academic year and often during the summer. We look for students interested in careers in media relations, communications or journalism.

The student writer position is an excellent way to build your portfolio, make contacts with professionals working in the communications field and receive guidance outside the classroom. Our past student writers now work in advertising agencies, newspapers, public relations firms, nonprofit agencies, corporate communication offices and other organizations.

To learn more about student writer positions, contact Becky Dienger in the News Bureau at or (715) 836-4423.

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