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Editorial Style Guidelines: Public service announcements

money — Spell out the word “dollars” instead of using the dollar symbol: 15 dollars.

months — Spell out all months.

numbers — Spell out numbers zero through eleven unless used in a date. (Exception: spell out dates first through eleventh in script for Campus Events Line.) Follow dates with appropriate “st,” “nd,” “rd” or “th”: August 22nd or January 31st.

phone numbers — Type as follows: (7-1-5) 8-3-6 – 4-4-2-3.

pronunciation — Phonetically spell out the pronunciation of difficult words: Anishinaabeg (uh-NISH-in-NAH-bee) Symposium.

times — Include a dash between p-m and a-m.

UW-Eau Claire — To save time, use only this abbreviated form rather than “University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire.”

Web site addresses — Example: w-w-w (dot) u-w-e-c (dot) com. 



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