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Graphic Standards Guide: University Stationery System

As stationery is the primary means of communication on and off campus, the stationery system plays an important role in representing the institution. The stationery system consists of full-sheet letterhead, half-sheet letterhead, envelopes, mailing labels and business cards. A specific format using the wordmark and seal has been developed for the university stationery system. No graphic symbols other than the university seal should appear on any piece included in the stationery system. Individual departments, offices and programs still represent UW-Eau Claire and, as such, should use the standard stationery system for their communications. Please do not try to re-create any of these pieces on your computer.

The type style Times, available on most university computers, is the suggested font to use for the body copy in correspondence. Set the left margin at 1½ inches, the right margin at 1 inch and the top margin 2 inches from the top of the page.



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