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Letterhead: Full sheet

Size: 8½ by 11 inches

Paper: white, recycled

Ink: PMS 281 (blue)

Standard imprint:
Standard letterhead, which includes only the seal and the official university name and address, is available from Central Stores.

Individual department/office letterhead:
Individual letterhead orders are available throughout the year from University Printing Services on an as-needed basis. Special-order letterhead with the seal printed in metallic gold can be ordered through University Printing Services for an additional charge. Each department/office can decide which of the following optional information it wishes to include:

  • Department/office designation
  • Department/office address (optional)
  • Department/office phone number
  • Department/office subheads if necessary
  • Fax number and/or e-mail address and/or World Wide Web address are optional (be aware of case sensitivity and space limitations)


Letterhead: Half sheet

Size: 5½ by 8½ inches

Paper: white, recycled

Ink: PMS 281 (blue)

Standard Imprint:
Standard half-sheet letterhead that adheres to the style guidelines is available throughout the year in pads of 100 sheets from Central Stores.

Letterhead applications

half sheet


full sheet

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