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Download Return Address Panel Image 

Welcome to the file download area for the UW -Eau Claire return address panel for self- mailers. The address panel on self-mailers is a major identifier and, as such, should be consistent with the official envelope applications.


The illustration above depicts how the return address panel should appear. It consists of two parts. The portion that is available for downloading consists of the seal, wordmark, official university address and the line (refer to EPS and TIF files below) . Each department/office can then personalize the portion below the line by adding the department/office name, building and room number as shown in 9-point Times Italic. The account code should appear in 7-point Times Italic.

Use the following instructions to download the EPS or TIF version of the return address panel. NOTE: These instructions apply to using the downloadable graphic at actual size, which should be usable for most purposes.

For PC users

RIGHT-CLICK on the appropriate image. Select "Save Target As" from the menu that appears. In the "Save As" window, select the drive to which you'd like to save the image file and, if desired, change the filename. When you click "Save," the image will download to the drive you specified.

For Mac users

Hold down the CONTROL key while clicking on the appropriate image. Choose to SAVE THE LINK (not save the image). Identify where you want to save the file on your hard drive. When you click "Save," the image will begin to download.





This file type will produce the best printed quality, and it can be resized without the image degrading. Although an EPS file usually appears jagged on screen, it should print as a clear, sharp image without any jagged edges. Some programs may not be able to use this format, but should be able to use TIF files instead.





If you are having trouble with the EPS format or are using an older program that doesn't support EPS files, try using the TIF file instead.

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