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News Bureau staff 

Julie Poquette, director

Julie oversees day-to-day activities of the News Bureau staff and is a primary contact for members of the media and for UW-Eau Claire students, faculty and staff who wish to share their stories and event information with campus, local, state and national media and the general public. She also works closely with university administration in the creation of websites for new campus initiatives, and she writes and edits stories for university news releases and print and Web publications.

Judy Berthiaume, senior editor

Judy's major areas of responsibility include media relations and writing and editing for major campus publications. In her media relations role, Judy works with campus, local, state and national media to secure coverage about UW-Eau Claire's people and programs. She serves as a liaison between the media and members of the campus community, helping reporters identify and connect with the people who can best provide them with information they need for their stories. Judy also writes and/or edits many stories that are shared with the campus community, alumni and others through the UW-Eau Claire website and major print and electronic publications.

Rebecca Dienger, marketing manager

Becky is responsible for the strategic planning and execution of multi-channel campaigns for recruitment and fundraising at UW-Eau Claire, including advertising, direct marketing, special event planning and online communications. She served for two years on the Chancellor’s Gold Arrow committee for increasing the university’s marketing efforts and has been instrumental in a campus-wide branding initiative, including the selection of an agency skilled in comprehensive research and brand development for higher education. She is part of a team helping the university transition to an integrated marketing communications model and collaborates with writers, designers and technology experts to promote the university’s mission and success stories.

Ann Hoffman, senior editor

Ann coordinates and edits major campus print publications, including The View and the University/Foundation Annual Report. Ann also produces the e-View, the university's monthly alumni e-newsletter, maintains the online Experts Directory, and writes and edits stories for university news releases and print and Web publications.

Shari Lau, communications specialist senior

Shari collaborates with UW-Eau Claire faculty, staff, students,alumni and others to gather information for stories to be shared via the university's various communications platforms. She writes stories for use in online communications, university print publications (such as The View alumni magazine and the UW-Eau Claire Foundation annual report), news releases and media pitches.

Glen Mabie, communications specialist senior

Glen is responsible for the university's multimedia communications, producing videos and other multimedia projects for the News Bureau, UW-Eau Claire Foundation, Alumni Association and Admissions Office. He also coordinates the updating of the university's home page and News @ UW-Eau Claire website.

Denise Olson, university services associate

Denise coordinates the release of daily news by finalizing written items, electronically sending them to media and posting them on the News @ UW-Eau Claire website. Denise responds to inquiries from news media and community about people and events at UW-Eau Claire, assists with copy production for The View and maintains a library of faculty and staff photos for distribution to the media and others. She also compiles statistics for monthly and year-end reports, maintains office files and assists the office manager with clerical duties. Denise also assists with the News Bureau's social media communications.

Jean Piper, operations program associate

Jean's major areas of responsibility include News Bureau office management and database development and management, as well as University Communications administrative and website support. Jean maintains the chancellor's website, University Communications website and other upper-level university Web pages. She distributes administrative emails; manages news release distribution operations; and produces and manages the distribution of hometown news releases for commencement, dean's list, and honors and scholarship recipients. Jean also manages and provides training for use of the university online calendar of events. She monitors University Communications budgets, serves as resource person for News Bureau computer operations and represents the department in the implementation of new technology.

Diane Walkoff, communications specialist

Diane edits news releases and writes and edits material for several sections of the News @ UW-Eau Claire website. She also compiles and posts the university's weekly Notice of Meetings and edits class notes and obituaries for The View and the Alumni Association website.

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