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Festival Eau Cinema

A Conversation with Mike Manning

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Schofield Auditorium
7 p.m.



Mike Manning, Festival Eau Cinema

Actor-filmmaker Mike Manning gained fame as a cast member on the MTV series,
The Real World: D.C.
, which presented his personal conflicts regarding his sexual orientation and religious beliefs. He unexpectedly found himself an activist for LGBT rights and worked for the Human Rights Campaign and the Energy Action Coalition.

This wide-ranging Q&A-style conversation will cover a variety of topics including Manning’s experience with reality television, documentary filmmaking, his personal struggles with sexuality and religion, and his engagement with organizations that promote progress, equality, diversity, youth empowerment, voting, youth-centric services, education and health.

Manning served as executive producer of the recently completed documentary, Kidnapped for Christ, a film that sheds light on a controversial Christian behavior modification school in the Dominican Republic.  

The UAC Film Committee is presenting this conversation with Mike Manning as part of the Festival Eau Cinema, a new campus film festival and competition that has focused its inaugural year on documentary filmmaking.