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Information for Freshmen Placement Testing

Tests Required:

You are required to take the English and Math placement tests unless you have received college credit in the subject(s) or are currently enrolled in a college mathematics or composition course.

All students who have taken two or more years of French, German, or Spanish in high school and do not have college level credit in the subject are highly encouraged to take the foreign language test.  If you studied Japanese or Chinese in high school, please email for an appointment because these tests are unique to UW-Eau Claire.

It is important that you do your best on placement test!  With high enough scores, you can test out of classes, but if your scores are too low, you may be required to take remedial courses.

Credit by Exam and Transfer Work

Placement Testing During Orientation

Placement tests will be given Monday - Thursday during Orientation held in June.  Please note that choosing to take the tests during summer will make Orientation a two-day program.  You will receive more information in the Orientation + Registration booklet (sent in mid-March).


The $30 fee for placement tests will be included in your fall semester bill.