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Volunteer Opportunities


Pantry Staff

The face of the organization, these are the volunteers who will be completing daily operations inside the pantry during our open hours. Responsibilities include greeting and assisting clientele, stocking shelves when new food arrives, and keeping pantry records.

Requirements: Ability to lift up to 20 lbs, availability during pantry hours, confidentiality agreement


Food Delivery

This position requires the least amount of time from our volunteers but is crucial for the continuation of our pantry. When food is ordered from Feed My People, we rely on our volunteers to transport the food from their warehouse to our shelves. Each trip may require 3-4 food delivery volunteers to help load and unload food. 

Requirements: Ability to lift 20+ lbs, car availability recommended


Food Drive Assistant

When other organizations contact us about running a food drive, we want to help as much as we can. This position does not require constant hours and availability, as we will only call on you when a food drive is in the works. Responsibilities include connecting with the organization running the drive and providing assistance when needed.


Pantry Advertising

Getting the word out to the campus and the Eau Claire community is our number one goal, so advertising is important. Volunteers will work on posters, chalking, and public relations for the pantry and any Campus Harvest events, as well as contacting businesses about donations and flyers.