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Health Insurance

Your student government is committed and determined to ensure that all UW-Eau Claire students have access to affordable health care coverage. Every student should plan for their health insurance needs and not have to worry about financing unexpected medical expenses that could occur through accident or illness while attending the University.

The Student Health Insurance Program is through insurance agent Donald Southard, Sr. of Southard Insurance Agency; underwritten by Nationwide Life Insurance Company. Stop in to the Student Senate Office, Davies 220, with specific questions or call us at 715-836-4646.

The single student pricing scheme from January 1, 2015 through August 29th, 2015 is as follows:
Student only*: $973.00
* Other rates apply for spouse and child coverage

For Enrollment and Complete Pricing

To view complete policy and enroll, please visit the Student Assurance Services, Inc. Web site. Plans for January 1, 2015-August 29, 2014 must be purchased by February 15, 2015.

For insurance brochures stop in the Student Senate Office, Davies 220.