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Student Senate both operates under and produces a variety of documentation. These documents are provided for viewing and download below.


  • Student Body Constitution - the document that provides a fundamental set of principles which guide the Senate's actions and provide a basic framework for its operation.

  • Senate Bylaws - rules adopted by the Senate which govern its own members and the management of its affairs.

  • Election and Campaign Procedures - part of the bylaws; procedures that candidates for Student Senate positions must follow when campaigning for office during elections.

  • Differential Tuition Bylaws - rules adopted by the Academic Affairs Commission which govern how Blugold Commitment Differential Tuition dollars are distributed

  • Finance Bylaws - rules adopted by the Finance Commission which govern how Segregated University Fees are distributed.

  • Information Technology Bylaws - rules adopted by the Information Technology Commission which govern how the Student Technology Fee is distributed.

  • Student Office of Sustainability - rules adopted by the Student Office of Sustainability which govern how the Green Fund is distributed.

  • Intergovernmental Affairs Bylaws - rules adopted by the Intergovernmental Affairs Commission which govern interactions between other governmental bodies.

  • Public Relations Bylaws - rules adopted by the Public Relations Commission which govern how Student Senate appears to the students and community.

  • Student Services Bylaws - rules adopted by the Student Services Commission which govern services provided to students.


  • Bills - require simple majority to pass and usually relate to the approval of funds or are changes to Senate bylaws or the constitution.

  • Resolutions - non-binding recommendations passed by a simple majority giving a student opinion on issues relating to local, university, state, and national policies.


  • Meeting Minutes - the written record of the General Student Senate Meetings.

  • Meeting Agenda - the tentative outline for upcoming General Student Senate Meetings.


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