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The Student Office of Sustainability (SOS) serves as a Student Senate commission with the goal of spearheading the student movement of sustainability at the UW-Eau Claire. The SOS is responsible for allocating the $200,000 dollar green fund. The green fund was created in 2008 through a student referendum in which students voted to invest approximately $8 dollars per semester into an environmental responsibility account.

Note: Student investment to the SOS depends on how many students are currently enrolled; to ensure financial stability the SOS is capped at $200,000.

Mission Statement

The SOS provides funding for projects that reduce UW-Eau Claire’s negative impact on the environment and make UW-Eau Claire a more sustainable campus. The SOS allocates funding to projects addressing the various sustainability areas of transportation, energy, waste, climate change, food systems, campus ecology, environmental ethics, and outreach.

The SOS provides funding to support sustainable education, behavior change initiatives, and internships. In addition, resources are purchased to promote sustainable lifestyles of UW-Eau Claire students.