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Seymour with Bike

The Blugold's Bike Lease Program offers students a way to increase their health and wellness, as well as decrease their environmental impact by providing alternative transportation options to lease. This program is a collaboration between the SOS and the Environmental Adventure Center (EAC).

The Campus Garden demonstrates sustainable food production in the center courtyard of Phillips Hall. The SOS works together with the Foodlums to maintain the garden and to provide related events and services to students. Anyone interested in becoming involved with the Campus Garden should contact the Foodlums.


The Compost Pick-Up Program offers students living off-campus the ability to divert compostable materials from landfills to be composted on campus and used in the Campus Garden. SOS Eco-Reps ride a compost bike-cart along a weekly route to pick up compostable materials form student homes. The program operates during the spring, summer, and fall (not during the winter due to the snow and cold).

The E-Waste Recycling Program offers students the ability to dispose of their electronic waste at two waste receptacles on campus. One E-Waste receptacle is located at the entrance of McIntyre Library, and the other is located in Hilltop Center near the ATM's. The waste is then brought to First Choice Recycling to be properly recycled.

The SOS Film Series hosts a number of sustainability-related films on campus. These are played in the Woodland Theatre in Davies center, and are often paired with a guest speaker. These films address various aspects of sustainability, including climate change, energy, environmentalism, food, ecology, pollution, and waste.

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The SCORE Program is run by the SOS and sponsored by Xcel energy to provide free energy conservation education and materials to student renters living off-campus. Students can save money on their energy bills and reduce their carbon footprint by participating in this program, and participants also receive free pizza from Jim's Pizza!

The Windsource Program is run through Xcel Energy and funded at the UW-Eau Claire by the SOS. The Davies Student Center is powered on 100% renewable energy because the SOS purchases Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) annually.

Zimride is an online ridesharing program that helps facilitate carpooling. As opposed to driving individually, carpooling saves students money and helps to reduce their carbon footprint. Zimride allows students to establish rideshares for a single trip or for daily commuting.