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Bike Lease

The Aldo Leopold Bike Lease Program began as an effort to decrease carbon emissions and overall environmental impacts of student transportation at the UW-Eau Claire. Bikes were purchased in 2012 by the Student Office of Sustainability. The Environmental Adventures Center (EAC) now maintains the bikes and manages the rental program. Students can rent bikes for a semester or year long term.

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Campus Garden

The campus garden is located in the center courtyard of Phillips Hall. The garden is meant to be an educational tool to demonstrate sustainable food production practices. Students can benefit from the supply of fresh fruits and vegetables that the garden program offers. The SOS provides funding for garden supplies and for a summer Garden Manager. The garden is otherwise maintained by students in the Foodlums organization.

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Compost Pick-Up

The Compost Pick-Up Program was piloted during the summer of 2013. The purpose of the program is to allow students who live in off campus rental properties to collect compostable materials at home. Student Eco-Reps, as employed through the SOS, complete bike routes each week to collect compost from student homes. This program is currently being remodeled. More information will be posted soon!


The SOS has partnered with First Choice Recycling to provide electronic waste recycling to students. Students can dispose of any old or broken electronic items at the the two waste receptacles on campus. One E-Waste receptacle is located at the entrance of McIntyre Library, and the other is located in Hilltop Center near the ATM's.

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The SOS hosts a number of sustainability- related films on campus. Past film topics have included climate change, energy, environmentalism, food, pollinators, and waste. Click below to view a list of past films hosted by the SOS.

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The $core program is run by the SOS and sponsored by Xcel energy to provide free energy conservation education and materials to student renters.

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Windsource is a program run through Xcel Energy and funded at the UW-Eau Claire by the SOS. Energy credits are purchased to offset the energy usage of Davies Student Center. By purchasing these credits, we are supporting an investment in renewable wind energy produced on wind farms in Minnesota.

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Zimride if an online ridesharing program which allows students to interact with each other on the basis of creating carpools. Students can reduce carbon emissions by sharing rides, rather than driving vehicles separately. Zimride allows students to establish rideshares for a single trip or for daily commuting,

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