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1976  B.S.    Chemistry, Mathematics minor, UW-La Crosse, La Crosse, WI    
1985  Ph.D.  Analytical Chemistry, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR

Courses Taught:

Chem 100   Chemistry: Issues and Answers

Chem 103   General Chemistry I

Chem 104   General Chemistry II

Chem 115    Chemical Principles

Chem 121   Elementary Chemical Education

Chem 213   Quantitative Analysis

ES 359        Teaching Physical Science

Research Interests:

My scholarly work focuses on the design, implementation and assessment of effective science curriculum.My students and I have utilized backward design principles to redesign coursework, particularly in Quantitative Analysis.We have utilized assessment of student performance and student attitudes to investigate student learning and motivation in the redesigned courses.I have also investigated the utilization of creativity principles in teaching and scholarship across different disciplinary areas.

Most recently, I have been investigating the priorities and strategies utilized by faculty mentors working with undergraduate research students.We have carried out a survey of faculty mentors and will be doing another survey of research students to find out what aspects of the student/mentor relationship they prioritize and find challenging.We have also coordinated a faculty learning community to discuss issues related to research student mentoring.

Recent Publications:

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