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Gate 1 - Admission to Program


Admission to UW-Eau Claire does not guarantee admission to program!


Undergraduate students may seek certification in one of the following programs:
  • Cognitive Disabilities/Learning Disabilities
  • Learning Disabilities/MCEA*
  • Learning Disabilities Minor (MCEA or EAA)*
  • Unified Early Childhood

*Students seeking certification in elementary or secondary education must follow an additional procedure for admission to the programs in the Department of Education Studies.

Application to Undergraduate Program:

Applications for department approval will be accepted in the Department of Special Education office twice a year with deadlines of March 1 and October 1. If this date falls on a weekend, then applications will be due the Friday prior.  A recommendation for admission to program will be made by a faculty review committee.

Approval for admission to major and minor programs will be determined by competitive rankings. Objective criteria will be applied to rate the applicants. Students who are denied admission may request a meeting with the faculty review committee chairperson. Students can discuss their reason for denial and can find out how to make their application stronger if they wish to apply again. Students may resubmit an application the following semester.

Prerequisites for Admission:

  • 2.75 GPA (resident and total)
  • 30 minimum credits (excluding education)
  • Successful completion of SPED 200 (B- or better) and SPED 205
  • Passed all three portions of PPST, pass all three portions of Praxis Core, or earn a composite ACT score of 23 (minimum of 20 earned in individual tests)

Your application must include:

  1. Admission to Program Applicant Information
  2. Resume
  3. Degree Audit
  4. Letter(s) of Recommendation
    • one minimum, maximum of three
    • must be written from people outside of the Department of Special Education
    • must be on letterhead (where applicable)
    • must be signed
  5. Evidence of Wisconsin Teaching Standards 1, 3, 9 and 10
    • Standard 1 - Special Education Philosophy - You must follow very specific guidelines.
    • Standard 3 - SPED 205 Final Evaluation
    • Standard 9 - SPED 205 Essay - As part of your SPED 205 final exam, you will be asked one of a series of essay questions. The graded copy will be inserted in your application by the department once you submit it.
    • Standard 10 - Validation Forms
      • Any hours beyond SPED 205 need to be validated (form available on department website)
      • SPED 205 hours are a given. If you do not validate any hours beyond SPED 205, you will not receive any points for Standard 10. Your service to children and people with disabilities should be varied and over a long period of time. High school experiences may be counted.
      • Validation forms must be signed

Other suggestions:

  • Make sure that the major on the information page, resume, and degree audit are all the same.
  • Proofread your application for errors.
  • Put your application in a 1" view binder (maximum).
  • Put a title page in the clear cover that contains your name and the program you are applying for.
  • Complete the Gate 1 Checklist and include in the inside pocket of your application.
  • Insert index dividers for Standards 1, 3, 9, and 10.
  • Your application will be returned to you at the mandatory advising meeting (department will keep information sheet and resume).
  • Application example available in the department for review.
  • Do NOT use plastic sleeves.

After you have been accepted into a special education program and then wish to change your program within the department, you need to complete the "Change of Major Request" form which is available on our web page and submit by admission deadlines.