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TaskStream Information


What is the TaskStream website?

How much does TaskStream cost?

  • Students can purchase an account directly from TaskStream for $25/semester.
  • Students can purchase an account at the UW-Eau Claire Bookstore for $33.35/semester.

How is a semester account calculated?

  • A semester lasts 5 months from the time you create your account.

When will I need to use Taskstream?

  • Gate 1 - SPED
  • Gate 1 - MCEA (if applicable)
  • Gate 2 - SPED
  • Gate 3 - SPED

Will my information be gone after my account expires?

  • No, your information will still be there when you renew your account.

What is the Special Education Gate 1 program code?

  • The program code is included in these self-enrollment directions.

Once I create an account and self enroll, what do I do?

  • The picture below is what your screen will look like.  Simply click on the links on the left hand side of your screen, and follow the directions


When do I click submit?

  • There are two categories: Application Documentation and Rubric Documentation.  Once you complete each category you will click submit.  Once you click Submit you cannot make any changes.

I click Submit but it won't let me.  What am I doing wrong?

  • Once you create an account, an evaluator needs to be assigned to you before you can submit any information.  The Special Education office will log in to TaskStream to search for new accounts periodically and assign evaluators.  You probably won't be able to create an account and submit information in the same day.  If you are nearing the deadline and need to submit information, contact Linda Brunner (715-836-5719 or

In what format should I attach documents?

  • PDF files are easier to open.  However, Word documents will be accepted.

If an attachment is more than one page, do you want one file or each page as a file?

  • We would prefer that you combine the pages of the same document into one file.  For example, if your resume is multiplie pages, these should all be in the same file.  When scanning your documents, in Adobe you can combine multiple files into one file.



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