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LEAP Clinic



The LEAP Clinic was established over 20 years ago to provide hands-on experience for pre-service and certified teachers seeking certification in learning disabilities and to offer intensive instruction for community students who were performing below expectations.


At the clinic we provide research-based instruction in reading, mathematics, and written expression. The clinic teachers are closely supervised by UW-Eau Claire faculty who are present every day. Each child receives two hours of instruction, four days a week for five weeks. The clinic is designed to meet the unique individual needs of children in grades K-6 who are experiencing difficulty acquiring basic skills. The LEAP Clinic is not appropriate for students with moderate/severe cognitive disabilities.


The LEAP clinic is different from other summer school programs in important ways.

  • Low teacher-pupil ratio. The clinic is well staffed with experienced teachers.
  • Success. Appropriate placement at students’ instructional level ensures that they will be both challenged and successful.
  • Progress. Performance is monitored daily to ensure student mastery.
  • Feedback. You will receive a detailed report about your child’s progress at the end of the summer if he or she attends daily.
  • Engaged. Students are on task during instructional time.
  • Academics. Basic skills are stressed to form a foundation for future learning.
  • Effective. Curriculum and methods are research-based and validated through field testing.

Contact Linda Brunner at 715-836-5719 for further information.