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Student Disposition Policy (Approved 4/10/2012)

The Department of Special Education at UW-Eau Claire believes that all their graduates must demonstrate the highest level of professional dispositions as they enter their professional life. The transition from being a student to becoming a professional can be ambiguous. The faculty is dedicated to assisting students with this transition by identifying dispositional behaviors that we feel are inconsistent with the demands of working in collaborative environments with parents and other professionals. Therefore, it is the faculty's position that all students will demonstrate professional dispositions such as "beliefs and attitudes related to values such as caring, fairness, honesty, responsibility and social justice" (NCATE, 2003) in all courses, interactions and activities.  

When a special education major/minor's dispositional (and related) behavior(s) are of sufficient concern to warrant a response by any departmental member, these concerns may be brought for faculty discussion. Should a plan of action be required, the student will be invited to attend and participate in a meeting to develop an action plan which would include the documentation procedure. Minimally, this plan of action would detail behaviors of concern, identify expected changes, and specify a timeline and criteria for evaluation. The committee will file the action plan form in department student record. This procedure and action plan must be consistent with University policy.