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Student Appeals Process (Approved 2/13/01)


Students may appeal a decision regarding grades in courses (including student teaching) or status in program (e.g., denial of admission). Students are advised to follow the procedures outlined in the Student Serves and Standards publication, listed under student academic grievance procedures. The petition must be in writing and must contain a “clear and concise statement of the grievance, the remedies sought, and a request for a meeting with the person or persons involved” (p. 29). For appeals related to admission to program, the first step would be to schedule a meeting with the chair of the Admissions Committee. If the student is not satisfied after completing the first step of the appeal process to the faculty member, the student may petition the Chair of the Department of Special Education. The Department Chair will convene an ad hoc committee consisting of at least three (3) impartial members of the faculty to consider the student's petition.