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Peer Haven
LGBTQ Mentoring Program

Welcome to UW-Eau Claire!

The first year of college can be overwhelming, to say the least. Consider joining Peer Haven, UW-Eau Claire's LGBTQ peer mentoring program! Peer mentors are here to support you in a safe, caring, one-on-one relationship while you acclimate to college life and as you begin exploring your personal, social, academic, and future career goals.

Program Mission: To help students develop a positive LGBTQ identity while successfully adapting to life at UW-Eau Claire.

Are you interested in...

  • Helping others develop a positive LGBTQ identity at UW-Eau Claire?
  • Receiving optional service learning credit?
  • Receiving optional LS 498 internship credit?
  • Learning more about LGBTQ issues and opportunities on campus?

Peer mentors represent a wide variety of majors and personal backgrounds and experiences. What they all have in common is that they have comfortably integrated their sexual and gender identity into facets of their student and community activities and roles.

Apply to be a peer mentor! (click image to the right)

Are you interested in...

  • Learning more about LGBTQ opportunities on campus?
  • Meeting other LGBTQ students?
  • Receiving support in a safe, caring, one-on-one setting?

Apply to be a peer mentee! (click image to the right)

Each student will be matched with a peer mentor/mentee based upon personality, background, goals, and interests.

Peer Mentor Commitment...

  • Attend mandatory all-day training on August 30, 2012
  • Attend 5 university events/programs per semester with your mentee (submit brief summary for each)
  • Attend informal meeting with mentee twice monthly (play Wii in the new Davies gameroom, grab a snack from the marketplace...anything!)
  • Meet with Peer Haven coordinator (as a group, with all of the mentors) twice monthly to discuss experiences, express concerns, ask questions, etc.
  • Submit end of semester report/evaluation to Peer Haven coordinator
  • Have fun!

Peer Mentee Commitment...

  • Attend 5 university events/programs per semester with your mentor
  • Attend informal meeting with mentor twice monthly (get coffee, grab lunch, take a walk...anything!)
  • Meet with Peer Haven coordinator twice monthly to discuss experiences, concerns, ask questions, etc.
  • Have fun!

For more information contact:

          Mentor Application!
          Mentee Application!
          Meet the Mentors!