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Welcome to the LGBTQ Resource Center at UW-Eau Claire!

As part of the Women's & LGBTQ Resource Center, the LGBTQ Center serves to provide a network of support for the LGBTQ campus community. Through active outreach, event programming, and resource referral, the LGBTQ Center seeks to educate the entire University community concerning issues of social justice and equality, while serving the specific needs of those whose sexualities and/or genders have rendered them societally marginalized. 


The LGBTQ Center collaborates across institutional boundaries in order to develop programs, workshops, and activities that focus on raising the awareness of issues faced by the LGBTQ community. Whether organizing the "Break the Silence!" concert for National Day of Silence, providing opportunties for students, faculty, and staff to share their coming out stories during National Coming Out Day, or pulling out all the stops for The Fire Ball--where drag divas help raise money for LGBTQA scholarships--the LGBTQ Center offers a wide variety of experiences that educate and entertain.

The Women's & LGBTQ Center (located in Schofield 34) provides a safe space for women and members of the LGBTQ community, while also maintaining a collection of books, videos, magazines, pamphlets (etc) for use by the entire University community.