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Peer Haven Mentors 

Aaron | Peer Haven Coordinator

Hello! My name is Aaron and I am the Peer Haven Coordinator for 2014-2015. I'm a senior majoring in History, minoring in Ancient Studies and Student Affairs. I'm from north-central Wisconsin, hailing from the small town of Hawkins in Rusk County. I have been involved in Housing and Residence Life here on campus for three years, one of the highlights of that time was being on staff for the NACURH 2014 annual conference. I'm also serving my second term as President of PRIDE, the LGBTQ student organization, here on campus. I also intern in the Student Affairs/Dean of Students as well as volunteer at the AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin as a facilitator for their LGBTQ youth group. 

Courtney | Peer Haven Mentor

Bon jour! My name is Courtney and I am a Social Work major currently in my third year of college. I am from Marshall, WI, a small town surrounded by cows and I have a handsome cat named Gus. I am the captain of the Women’s Rugby Team on campus as well as the recruiting officer. I started playing my second semester of college and I fell in love with it immediately!  This is my first year with Peer Haven and to say I am excited to be a part of this program would be an understatement! I drink my coffee black and I have a tendency to serenade my friends.

Devin | Peer Haven Mentor

Hey gurl hey! I'm a Junior here at EC, and majoring in Social Work emphasizing in advocacy for the LGBTQ+ and Deaf communities, and planning on getting my Interpreters degree for ASL (American Sign Language).I was born and raised in Flint, MI.I have been a part of the University Bands until this year and music is a major part of my life. But, the other major part of my life is Magic: The Gathering, more specifically EDH, and then other things like sketching new tattoo designs and reading my personal in-Dorm Library.Something that not many would guess, is that I am a connoisseur of animal noises, hoping to master a Lion's roar, and a Peacock's call. As an Androgyne and a Homosexual I really feel that everyone should be made to feel as comfortable and as at home, here in EC, as I have come to feel!

Emily | Peer Haven Mentor

Hello everyone! My name is Emily Barstad, and I am a senior this year. My degree will be in Scientific and Technical Writing ( it sounds a lot fancier than it is) with a topical minor in Racialized Discourse in American History. I am really passionate about campus and campus life so a lot of my extra curriculars revolve around that. I work at the Services for Students with Disabilities, as an Orientation Assistant for incoming freshman, have helped out at the Writing Center, was an FYE mentor last year, and am a Campus Ambassador. I really believe in what our campus has to offer, and I think it's so important everyone feels at home here, so I am beyond excited to be a Peer Haven mentor! I want everyone to have an amazing year! 

James E

Hey there! My name's James and I'm a junior from the Green Bay area. I'm a transfer student studying Materials Science who came to Eau Claire from Michigan Tech in the Upper Peninsula last spring. I currently work in the Careers Services office as well as at the Oakwood Mall. Whenever I'm not too busy I enjoy spending time binging on TV shows with my roommate, Gunnar, who's also a peer haven mentor. As a transfer student, I've recently had to go through my transition to Eau Claire which can be tough in general, but even more so for LGBT students. I hope that I'm able to help other LGBT students find their place here at UWEC.


Hi, my name is Gunnar, I'm a second semester sophomore at Eau Claire, I would be a junior but I took last spring semester off.  I am a graphics design major and hoping to get into the art education program.  I am involved in the Cross Country Ski team on campus.  My freshman year I was introduced into the Peer Haven program and thought it was great program; I hope to bring the same enthusiasm that was shown to me when I was a peer mentee.