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Dr. Otrude Moyo
Dr. Otrude Moyo

Associate Professor
HSS 261



Doctor of Philosophy
Brandeis University

Master of Arts in Social Policy
Brandeis University

Master of Social Work
University of Southern Illinois at Carbondale

Bachelor of Social Work
University of Zimbabwe


Dr. Moyo's scholarship interest is in social welfare and multiculturalism, understanding quality of life and inequality issues. She has published several articles addressing social development issues in southern Africa. Her first book is titled: Trampled No More: Voices from Bulawayo’s Townships about Families, Life, Survival and Social Change in Zimbabwe. Dr. Moyo has an interest in understanding expressions of Ubuntu as a philosophy of life and diversity climates in human service organizations. Her current research focuses on the experience of African immigrants in the United States and United Kingdom. Dr. Moyo is currently an Editorial Collective member of the Journal of Progressive Human Services (JPHS).