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Internship Program

International and Out-of-Area

International social workers get to deal with issues affecting various cultures. From refuge programs, to international adoptions, to relief programs, to developing service delivery systems and development of international policy, social workers are involved in multiple tasks. Organizations such as the United Nations, the World Health Organization and the Red Cross all employ social workers. Traveling, language, and exposure to many cultures makes international social work an exciting and challenging field.

The Social Work Department has taken several steps to ensure that all students are exposed to and have an opportunity to work with minority populations. Since the immediate geographic area has a dearth of internship placements that offer experience with minority clients and policy practice, the social work program has begun to add a limited number of distance placements for a small number of students each semester. In recognition of the fact there are many diversity and policy practice focused agencies outside of the immediate geographic area of the Social Work program, and by taking advantage of newly emerging distance communication technologies, the Social Work Department has been slowly adding a limited number of high quality placements that will be out of the immediate geographical area of the Chippewa Valley

In addition, the faculty has determined that these placements are intended for highly motivated students who also have well-developed learning and career goals that mesh well with the distant field internship opportunities. Consequently, the out-of-area diversity and policy practice field placements have an additional and separate application and selection procedure that parallels the annual Internship Application and Orientation process.

Placements identified and utilized thus far include an international placement in a child-caring institution in South Africa, a site serving Hispanic/Latino secondary and post-secondary students in Green Bay, and a school social worker internship position in Saint Paul, MN, serving multi-cultural schools in Saint Paul, MN.

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