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Tickets to University Events

Artists Series, Forum, and Theatre Productions, Fall 2017

SSS program participants may request a ticket to the following performances by calling the SSS office at 715-836-4542, by noon of the workday prior to the performance. Tickets must be picked up at the SSS office,Old Library 2136, by 4:00 on the day of the performance.





Sept 19
7:30 pm

Forum Lecture: Naomi Tutu

"Truth and Reconciliation:  Healing the Wounds of Racism"
Human rights activist Naomi Tutu, daughter of Archbishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa, will address how individuals and societies can heal from the effects of racism and injustice.

Schofield Auditorium


Oct 3

Artist Series:  Lauren Weedman 

After spending a week exploring Eau Claire, storyteller Lauren Weedman will present her impressions of the city and its people.

Schofield Auditorium


Oct 12-14
Oct 18-20
7:30 pm

Urinetown by Mark Hollmann and Greg Kotis

This musical comedy, winner of three Tony Awards, tells of a rebellion in a town where a water shortage had resulted in all residents being required to use public pay toilets.

Riverside Theater

Oct 19

7:30 pm

Forum Lecture:  Matthew Desmond

"Evicted:  Poverty and Profit in the American City"

Harvard professor Matthew Desmond, who has studied eviction through the experiences of families in Milwaukee, will explain how "eviction is a cause, not just a condition of poverty."

Schofield Auditorium

Nov 8
7:30 pm

Forum Lecture:  Bay Buchanan

"The Issues Politicians Are Afraid to Talk About"

Conservative commentator Bay Buchanan, former Treasurer of the United States, will focus on the controversial topics politicians often avoid, arguing that we need leaders who are willing to say unpopular things.

Schofield Auditorium

Nov 28
7:30 pm

Artists Series:  Me La Amargates Tu

This ensemble consisting of a tenor singer, recorders, viola, and harp will perform music of the Jewish Sephardic tradition.

Schofield Auditorium

Dec 12-16

7:30 pm


The Nerd by Larry Shue

In this wild comedy, a young architect's life turns upside down when an unexpected guest comes to visit who is impossible to live with.

Gantner Concert Hall