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Building Evacuation Guidelines


Knowledge of evacuation guidelines is critical to the health and safety of everyone on campus, especially students, staff, and visitors with disabilities.  In an emergency there is no time to learn procedures or evacuation routes, so please take a few minutes to become familiar with the guidelines. 

Pre-Emergency Preparation for Persons with Disabilities:

  • Familiarize yourself with buildings, their exits and the designated rescue assistance areas. Note sign locations at stairwells and emergency guidelines.
  • Know the safest method people could use to assist, and know how many people are needed to provide that assistance.
  • If you are unable to communicate your support need verbally, use written information.
  • Carry a loud whistle, horn or similar device that you can operate to alert people of your location if you become trapped.
  • While attending class, position yourself near a doorway for easier exit.
  • To ensure proper evacuation, know and follow established evacuation procedures.

Emergency Procedures for Persons with Disabilities:

  • Remain calm.
  • Never use an elevator in a fire or evacuation emergency.Rescue Assistance Area sign
  • Treat every alarm as an actual emergency.
  • Leave all materials in the room.
  • Proceed to the nearest designated emergency assistance location with a “buddy.” The “buddy” may leave to notify emergency personnel of this location.
  • Wait in the designated location for emergency personnel.
  • Never re-enter a building until permitted by emergency personnel.

UW-Eau Claire Emergency Evacuation Procedures for Persons with Disabilities:

  • The Eau Claire Fire Department is responsible for the evacuation of persons with disabilities from the rescue assistance areas.
  • Faculty/staff are expected to direct the evacuation from their work area. They are responsible for knowing primary and alternative routes of exit. 
  • UW-Eau Claire employees and students are not expected to evacuate persons with disabilities.  Any evacuation assistance on their part is voluntary.
  • The Eau Claire Fire Department and UW-Eau Claire University Police will determine whether an alarm is false or real. Upon confirmation of an actual fire or other emergency requiring evacuation, University Police, if advised, will notify the Eau Claire Fire Department that a person with a disability is awaiting evacuation and the location of the individual. When possible, an "all clear" message or essential instructions will be given through the public address system.