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Information for Faculty and Staff

College students with disabilities are a significant part of the university community. An instructor's knowledge and sensitivity to the issues surrounding students with disabilities plays a critical role in their attainment of academic success.

Each student brings a unique set of strengths and experiences to the University, and students with disabilities are no exception. While many learn in different ways, their differences do not imply inferior capabilities. There is no need to dilute curriculum or to reduce course requirements for students with disabilities. However, accommodations may be needed to ensure that a qualified student with a particular disability has equal access to all the learning opportunities available at UW-Eau Claire.

To accomplish the goal of full educational opportunity for students with disabilities, both physical and programmatic access must be provided. This means more than the removal of architectural barriers and the provision of auxiliary services. This means that accommodations and reasonable modifications must be made in the instructional process. This principle applies to teaching strategies and modes, as well as to institutional and departmental policies.