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NEW Student Video Resource Page.

The Center for Service-Learning has been working hard to create a new informational resource just for you! This resource is a collection of short, direct videos that will help explain the independent service-learning project. Head on over to the Student Video Resource page to see for yourself.

What is Service-Learning

Service-Learning is an opportunity for students at UW-Eau Claire to give back to their local or home community or even a community found abroad. It provides a way to learn skills, investigate careers, and build a personal network. Service-Learning makes education a collaborative effort; students benefit society by exercising the rights and responsibilities of citizenship.

Completing 30 hours of Service-Learning is a requirement for graduation from UW-Eau Claire.

Explore Options



Create a project - You may already be doing volunteer work with an organization and this may fulfill your Service-Learning requirement.

Search existing projects - The Service-Learning database lists projects with dozens of community organizations.

Locate a course that offers Service-Learning - UW-Eau Claire offers more than 120 courses with service-learning components.

Advice from Students for Students

Check out this video and more on our YouTube Channel.