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Jordan Leonhardt

Jordan Leonhardt


Stratford, WI




Information Systems


Business Analysis Emphasis


What nonprofit did you work with?

Stratford Quarterback Club Fundraising Event

(715) 615-0089


What did you do for your service-learning?

I was directly involved in the planning of the Stratford Quarterback Club Fundraising. I was responsible for contacting local businesses, seeking donations/prize giveaways, making promotional posters and banners, and meeting once a week to converse with the other coordinators.

What motivated you to choose this project?

During high school, I was on the Stratford football team, so it felt good to give back to my hometown and the team that I was once a part of.

Is your service-learning relevant to your field of study?

As an IS major, this service-learning isn't specifically in my field of study, however the communication and marketing skills I haves trengthened through this project are skills everyone uses every day in any field.

How did you impact your community?

This directly impacted my local community by giving back to the Stratford High School. Every year each school has a budget, so this fundraiser is a great way for the school's athletic programs to continue to improve, despite the budget. It gives the students the equipment that can help them improve their game.

Would you recommend this to other students?

My hometown was Stratford, so it made sense for me to help out here, for students who don't live in Stratford maybe not so much. Regardless, I think this just goes to show, student's can be creative when it comes to service-learning. Don't be afraid to help out in your hometown and give back to what you were a part of.

Could you summarize the experience in one sentence?

It has been fun and I would consider being a part of this again!


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