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Tutoring Services

Tutoring Services

For parents looking for tutoring services for their children, the Center for Service Learning is happy to provide you with the resources that we have available on campus along with tutoring options that are available throughout our community.

Check out the 3-5 Club or New Beginnings. Free tutoring is offered Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3-5:30 p.m. at the First Presbyterian Church, 2112  Rudolph Rd in Eau Claire.

The 3-5 Club offers a fun place, food, tutoring, new friends, fantastic teachers and tutors, use of computers, crafts, reading store, and indoor/outdoor games.

If your older children are tired of not getting the grades they want or do not understand what the teacher is talking about in class, then it's time for New Beginnings. It's a program designed to help students get more out of school—both in grades and in learning.  

For the 3-5 Club or New Beginnings, Contact Al and Barbara Rolland at 715-839-9331 or Keith and Carol Blomquist at 715-233-1378.

If these times don't mesh with your schedule or your child's schedule, you can certainly post a tutoring job opportunity on the university's website. This link will send you to the Financial Aid job board where many students look for job opportunities that can be catered to both of your schedules: If you are unsure of what to pay a tutor, feel free to check out other tutoring positions there on the job board.

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Another tutoring opportunity that students can volunteer for is offered by the Reading Partnership Program.The primary goal of this program is to increase the chances that a child will enjoy all kinds of literature by providing opportunities to read with a volunteer partner. The partner provides various kinds of reading experiences, helping the child build background knowledge, increase comprehension of what is being read, and fostering joy and a feeling of success in reading. Another key goal of the program is to help the child see that reading is a process to be enjoyed and that it is something that you do for yourself, not just something that takes place at school under more formal conditions.

For more information on the Reading Partnership Program check out their webpage:

You can also read more about the volunteer experience on the Service-Learning webpage under their "News and Events" page!

If interested in the program, you can contact Jane Rockwell, Program Coordinator.
(715) 836-2873
Office Location: Brewer Hall 154E.

Also please be sure to view your son or daughter's school resource page, as they may already have after school tutoring programs available.