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Student Steps Project Support Page

1) Find a project

You may choose a project listed under a community partner from our online system or create your own following the Guidebook restrictions. If you have any questions about your project getting approved, please contact the Center for Service-Learning.

2)Find a Mentor

Find a UW-Eau Claire mentor and decide on what type of reflection activity you will need to submit after you complete your service-learning.
Student Steps

3)  Service-Learning Online Application

     I.      Go to
     II.     Click Online System Login
     III.    Log in as a UWEC user
     IV.    Click Community Partners
     V.     Find your Community Partner
     VI.    Click on Supervisors
     VII.   Locate your supervisor 
     VII.   Click on Create a Project
     IX.    Fill out the application and click Save Changes at the bottom of the page.
     X.     Click Details and scroll to the bottom of the page to take your Pre-Survey
     XI.    Click Submit to have your project preapproved

Please remember that you can log back in to our system to check your status

If you are unable to find the organization/community partner or chosen community supervisor, please fill out the following community partner registration form.

An account will be created, and you will be notified when the contact information has been added to the Service-Learning database.

4)  Implement

You will receive an email notification that your project has been approved for service-learning hours once the Service-Learning administrator, your community supervisor, and your faculty mentor sign-in to their online accounts and agree to work with you on this project.


5)   Completion

Your Service-Learning project is considered complete once:
        -Your community partner evaluates you
        -Your mentor certifies completion of your 
hours and reflection activity
        -You have completed the post-survey
        -Your project is exported to the Registrar's Office

If you have any questions on the progress of our service-learning project, please visit or contact the Center for Service-Learning.