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Associated Programs


Campus Kitchens

The Campus Kitchens Project at UWEC was established in April 2008 and exists to engage students in recycling unserved food from the school dining areas and use the food to prepare and deliver meals to those in the community.  If you are interested in learning more about this organization, contact either the organization's president or the advisor, Dr. Don Mowry. (website)


First Book

First Book in Eau Claire has a single mission of giving children from low income families the opportunity to read and own their first new books by building a committee of volunteers that raise awareness and funds in order to provide books to local literacy programs.  If you are interested in this organization, please contact the organization's president or advisor, Dr. Donna Lehmkuhl.

Financial Literacy Improvement Program (FLIP)

The FLIP (Financial Literacy Improvement Program) is a collaboration between Western Dairyland Economic Opportunity Council and the UWEC Department of Accounting and Finance.  FLIP is looking for student volunteers to help implement a financial literacy program that would match UWEC undergraduate students with economically disadvantaged individuals and families.  If you are interested in this learning more about this program, please contact the program coordinator, Dr. Paul Vanderheiden.