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Lori Durgin








Multi-Cultural Child Studies and American Sign Language


What nonprofit did you work with?

"Yes We Can Expo"


What did you do for your service-learning?

I reached out to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Coordinator of The Independence Center of Colorado Springs, Angela Tenorio, the director of the event, when she saw that there was a need for volunteers at this annual expo. Also, my three semesters of American-Sign Language here at the University greatly influenced my role and ability to help at the event.

What motivated you to choose this project?

I wanted to choose a project that was relevant to my major and minor, so one day I was searching on the Internet and saw this opportunity and decided to do it. I honestly wasn't thinking about my service-learning, I would have done this either way.

Is your service-learning relevant to your field of study?

Yes, I was able to apply my topical minor of American-Sign Language to my service-learning project. I think that this is a great way to learn about other minority cultures while getting great learning experience outside of the classroom.

How did you impact your community?

My ability to effectively communicate with the Deaf community greatly impacted me through the expo. This event is only possible because of the awesome volunteers that are willing to donate their time to help the Deaf and Hard of Hearing learn what resources they have available in the community.

Would you recommend this to other students?

I would recommend this opportunity to other students, specifically to those that know and understand American-Sign Language. It is a great way to further your language skills while helping others.

Could you summarize the experience in one sentence?

It has been the single most important thing I've done.


Lori Durgin in action

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