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Happiness Initiative

"Happiness Initiative"


Created By: Hailey Carlson, Melinda Daniels, Sarah Doege, April Hooyman, Rachel Jensen, Mikelle Nepsund and Aubrey Yeager


What nonprofit did you work with?

Happiness Initiative





What did you do for your service-learning?

Hailey Carlson, Melinda Daniels, Sarah Doege, April Hooyman, Rachel Jensen, Mikelle Nepsund and Aubrey Yeager have engaged in service-learning by spreading awareness of the Happiness Initiative on campus. The Happiness Initiative's motto is simple: improving one's well-being by lessening emphasis on economy and focusing more on happiness. This happiness came through a variety of mediums beyond their enthusiasm, including posters with uplifting phrases, smiley face buttons, and word of mouth publicity. The group of girls held a Happiness Flash one evening at the Hibbard Humanities Hall where students gathered to explain what the Happiness Initiative is all about and to color uplifting posters that were hung up around campus. This simple act of kindness hopefully brought a smile to many faces!

What motivated you to choose this project?

The project stemmed through research of a social contemporary problem in a Communication and Journalism course at the University. This research educated the students of the Happiness Initiative and sparked an interest on how this can be implemented to improve our local campus environment.

Is your service-learning relevant to your field of study?

Although this service-learning project may not have been specific to all of the students' majors, the skills they have grown including; research practices, communication and team work are used in almost every occupation.

How did you impact your community?

"Ultimately, we want to make Eau Claire a happier campus. Through this we hope to bring a positive light to the Eau Claire community that can radiate to other communities."

Would you recommend this to other students?

"Yes, most definitely. This opportunity was very fun to be involved in and we are excited to see the affects it will have on the community."

Could you summarize the experience in one sentence?

"Our goal has been to leave an impact, not just hold an event!"


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