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Service Learning

Service-Learning Mentors

Service-Learning is an opportunity for students at UW-Eau Claire to give back to their local or home community or even a community found abroad.  It provides a way to learn skills, investigate careers, and build a personal network. Service-Learning makes education a collaborative effort; students benefit society by exercising the rights and responsibilities of citizenship. Each UW-Eau Claire student is required to complete 30 hours of service-learning prior to graduating.

As a mentor you have the opportunity to provide guidance to a student as they develop their learning outcomes and assist a student in reflecting on those outcomes. Reflection is a vital element in the learning process and will help the student develop critical thinking and self-reflection skills. Your final role is to complete the student "officially" in the Service-Learning online system.

After the student has reflected with you, you can log into your online system account, find the student's project, and click on the "Complete" button

You are not required to save the student's reflection activity after you have marked the student as complete in the Online System. However, if you find an exceptional reflection that you would like to share with the Center for Service-Learning, you can contact Benita Wagner, the Coordinator of Service-Learning.