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Service-Learning Online System

Students, faculty, and community partners have the ability to manage and track their service-learning projects through our online system.  The online system allows you to easily see what actions need to be taken to fulfill the service-learning graduation requirement for UW-Eau Claire.  You can access the online system by clicking on Student Login on the left.  If you have any questions or experience any issues, please contact or visit the Center for Service-Learning.

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Starting a Service-Learning Project

Before you begin your service-learning project for your university requirement, you will need to find a UW-Eau Claire faculty mentor.  This university employee will be responsible for verifying your work with your service-learning project in the community. You can view the complete list of steps with screenshots on the Student Steps page. If you need help with finding a project mentor, a great place to start would be your academic advisor.  You can even follow the Center for Service-Learning on facebook to be the first to hear about some of our latest and greatest service-learning opportunities.


"Service-learning was one of the best experiences I had as a UWEC student.  It is nice to be required to get out into the community and be a productive representation of UWEC students who are becoming more knowledgeable and proactive citizens."

-Andrew, Ecology & Environmental Biology major

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Finding a Service-Learning Project

The Project Details section lists the latest service-learning project opportunities. Otherwise, the project proposal section within the Center for Service-Learning's online system provides a complete listing of all service-learning opportunities submitted by community partners. Students are not limited to these; in fact, many students formulate their own projects.  Starting a service-learning project is done simply through filling out the online form and providing all the needed information after logging into the online system.


Service-Learning Project Restrictions

The Guidebook section is the on-line version of the Center's comprehensive brochure. Here you will find everything you need to know about the Center for Service-Learning and the service-learning requirement.

"As college students, we are often so busy that we don't think we can add more into our schedule, but I'm glad our university encourages us to get involved in the community."

- Erin, Psychology major