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Eligible students* are seen on an appointment basis in order to accommodate class schedules and minimize class absences. However, emergencies are "worked-in" as best possible.  

*Only students currently enrolled in classes at UW-Eau Claire are eligible to receive services. With the exception during the 11 week Summer Session where students not taking a summer session, but are returning in the Fall can pay a $50.00 access fee to be seen at SHS.
Student Health Service is funded primarily by the student segregated fee, which is paid along with each student's tuition. Most office visits are provided without additional cost to the student. Small fees may be charged for lab work, medicine, and supplies. See below for a of list costs on some of our services and laboratory tests.

Student Health Staff work diligently to keep prices affordable on the average student budget. As a patient you have the right to ask the cost of an service before receiving it.  Student Health Service accepts cash, checks, credit and debit cards, and the Blugold card. 

We do not bill insurance companies directly, but will provide a receipt you can submit for reimbursement.

Contraceptives for women may be covered at no cost to students under the Family Planning Only Services program. Please read our webpage or call us at 715-836-4311 for more information.  

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