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Hepatitis and Meningococcal Vaccine Information

All Wisconsin College and University students are required by WI state statute to receive information on meningococcal and hepatitis B diseases and the availability and effectiveness of vaccinations for these diseases. This law took effect January 1, 2004 and requires that students "affirm" that they have received this information. The following links are provided to allow you accurate, up-to-date access to this information.

Should you have any additional questions, please contact Student Health Service at 715-836-5360.

Meningococcal Disease

Hepatitis B

Meningococcal - Hepatitis B Waiver Form

Wisconsin State Statute 36.25(46) requires that all students who will be residing in a campus residence hall to receive information regarding the risks associated with hepatitis B and meningococcal diseases and the effectiveness of the vaccines available to prevent these diseases. Please complete the following information as required by law:

  • Meningococcal-Hepatitis B Waiver Form - please check for information on this form in your Residence Life and Housing packet.

General Vaccine Policy

UW-Eau Claire does not require any specific vaccinations for students.  Students are expected to complete the student immunization record.