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SWAT Programs

**It is best to request a program 2 weeks prior to your event, so the SWATeam has ample time to prepare a quality presentation for you.**

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  • Nutrition 101 - Wondering how to eat healthy at the caf? Need an interpreter to get through a nutrition label? This program provides basic nutrition information and involves interactive exercises which make the topic fun and interesting...and easy.

Sexual Health

  • Condom Sundae - A favorite in the residence halls, Condom Sundae is a fun & interactive way to learn about STI's, contraception, and other sex-related topics. You provide the ice cream, we bring the rest!
  • Sexual Health Jeopardy! - Looking for a fun way to learn about sex? We can also incorporateourversion of Family Feud: Unrated and Uncut or play Sex BINGO. Our board includes questions about sexual health and sex stats relevant to college students.  Test your knowledge, learn something new, and win prizes.
  • What's Your Flavor?! - Find the SWATeam around campus with our What's your Flavor? Booth: taste-test flavored lube, get free condoms, and learn important info. about sex and contraception.
  • Healthy Relationships - Interested in learning more about what makes for a healthy relationship?  This would be a great program for your group!


  • Tobacco - The SWATeam has resources to aid tobacco cessation.  Contact us when you are ready to quit!

Interested in asmoke-free campus? Contact the SWATeam for more info!


  • Making Healthy Lifestyle Changes! - Have you been thinking about making a lifestyle change? Or do you want to explore an area in your life that may need some healthy adjusting? Then this is the presentation for you. We will share some strategies for making healthy lifestyle changes and share the “Stages of Change” model, as well as, have activities to begin creating opportunities for these important changes.
  • Balanced Life - Stressed? This is the program for you! Learn practical ways to deal with stress- including time management, healthy diet and exercise, perceiving stress differently and much more. We also talk about relaxation techniques that will help you relieve your stress!

Women's Health

  • Women's Health - As women, we have different nutritional, mental, emotional, and physical needs.  Pick an aspect of women’s health that you would like to focus on and we can tailor a program just for you.  Some ideas include: body image, healthy relationships, annual health exams, birth control and more.


  • Fitness 101 - Want to get fit but don't know how?  This program will walk you through the steps of how to get started with a new fitness routine.


As peer health educators, we believe alcohol education is important and a huge part of college students' wellness. We do not have a specific program regarding alcohol, but would be willing to combine alcohol information with any of our other presentations.

The Center for Alcohol Studies and Education (CASE) is a great resource for those looking for only alcohol information or classes. Visit their website for more information. 


Didn't find what you were looking for??  Contact the SWATeam to request a personlized program on the health/wellness topic of your choice or about having the Student Health Service staff (i.e. doctors, nurses, etc.) come to your class!


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