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Schedule Builder

Schedule Builder available for registration!

Throw away the pencil and paper! No more searching for class times one by one! Now you can create an ideal class semester schedule with a few clicks of a button with the new web-based Schedule Builder.

Schedule Builder is a web-based schedule planner that seamlessly integrates with CampS. Schedule Builder automates the manual pen and paper process and presents every possible schedule option open and available for registration with real time data. It is intuitive and allows you to easily build a full schedule around competing demands. 

Schedule Builder is not a registration system. Registration functionality, such as prerequisites and department consent, are not enforced during the automated schedule building process. These functions are applied in CampS once a preferred schedule is imported to the enrollment shopping cart. 

Tip: Schedule Builder presents every possible schedule option that is open and available for registration, which means if utilized too early the number of generated schedules can be overwhelming. As your registration time approaches, course availability will decrease resulting in fewer generated schedules. For best results, it is recommended to use the schedule builder a few days prior to your enrollment appointment. 

Recommendations for limiting the number of generated schedules:

  • Use Schedule Builder functionality:
    • Add breaks
    • Lock specific courses
    • Unselect sections to exclude from scheduling option
  • Select specific section(s) in your enrollment shopping cart in CampS:
    • Information you select in your enrollment shopping cart in CampS will display in Schedule Builder

See below for additional information, training videos, and a step-by-step guide on how to use the new schedule building software.

Schedule Builder - How to Navigate and Use

  Step-by-Step Guide (PDF)

  Training Videos - generic
   -Generic Schedule Builder Overview
   -How to Use Locks
   -Customize Options for Individual Course

  Quick Reference Guide (PDF)