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Degree Audit FAQ 

How do I request a Degree Audit?

There are two ways to order a Degree Audit:

  1. Current students may request a degree audit through MyBlugold CampS by going to the Student Center.  In the Academics section, click the "Other Academic…" drop-down, and choose "Degree Audit".  A report will appear in a few seconds. At the top of the report is a "View report as PDF" button.  Click this button and wait about 30 seconds for the most complete version of the degree audit.
  2. In person, by mail or fax: Students may request a degree audit by coming to the Registrar's Office (Schofield 128) during business hours or mailing or faxing a request (FAX--715-836-3846).

How can I get help with my Degree Audit?

You can make an appointment with your advisor. You can make an appointment with the Advising Office, Schofield 226, 836-3487. Or you can use the online guide for Registering Using your Degree Audit.

How is the Degree Audit organized?

The requirements are generally presented in the following order: university, college/school, general education, major, major GPA, minor, minor GPA, electives, consults, defers.

How do I know what the symbols mean on my Degree Audit?

Use the Degree Audit Key to determine what the symbols on your web degree audit or text degree audit mean.

I’m in the College of Arts & Sciences with a BA degree. Why doesn’t my Degree Audit list the 9.00 credits of Foreign Culture as an option to meeting the Foreign Language requirement?

Students in the College of Arts & Sciences with a BA degree don’t have the Foreign Culture option. You must have competency in a Foreign Language course at the 102 level with a grade of C or higher.

Note: GE requirements depend on your College/School and/or degree.

Why is my Degree Audit showing the wrong major?

The Degree Audit is printed using your current information. Any changes to your major, catalogue and/or degree must be made in the department of your first major. For more information go to the Change of Major/Minor web pages.

I took a transfer course that I thought met a GE requirement. I don’t see it listed. Why?

If it came in as a “consult” or “defer” it will appear at the end of your audit. You need to have the course evaluated by the appropriate department chair. If it came in as a “non-GE”, see your adviser or the Dean of your College/School.

Why isn’t the ART course I took showing in my GE IV?

Since not all courses are GE, it’s important to check your class schedule to verify the GE designation before registering. Electives will appear at the end of your degree audit.

My adviser said I could use another course than what’s required on my Degree Audit for a major requirement. How do I fix my Degree Audit?

Any deviation from the written requirements in the catalogue require a “Petition for Waiver or Substitution” available in your Dean’s office.

How can I find out what I’ll need to complete if I change my major?

Students interested in exploring other majors may obtain a “What If” Degree Audit which will show you your needed requirements by catalogue year, degree program, and/or major and minor.

What is the difference between my resident and my total GPA?

Resident GPA: the GPA computed on all UW-Eau Claire course work.

Total GPA: the GPA computed on all UW-Eau Claire course work and all transferable course work taken elsewhere.