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Change of Major/Minor Procedures

How to change to a Theatre Arts major or minor or a Dance minor in the Department of Music and Theatre Arts

1. Come to the department office in HFA 156 (or call 836-4954) to make an appointment to meet with the Director of Theatre (for theatre arts majors or minors) or the department’s dance faculty (for the dance minor).

Please note: your appointment time may be several days after the time of your request. It is essential that you plan ahead.

2. Bring the following to your meeting:

  • a "What-If" Degree Audit for the new program (theatre arts majors)
  • any questions you have about the new program

3. After your meeting, the Academic Department Associate will change your major or add the minor on-line and assign an advisor.

You may contact the Academic Department Associate at the office/e-mail listed below:

Nichole Akright, Academic Department Associate
Haas Fine Arts Center 156