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Change of Major/Minor Procedures

How to change your major to Social Work:

If you are considering changing your major to Social Work, we ask that you first acquire a "What-If" Degree Audit. This audit will give you an understanding of what you have and will need to complete our program.

To obtain a "What-If" degree audit from MyBlugold CampS, go into self service and then into the student center. Under the "other academic" drop down box there is a "Degree Audit - What If" option.  You may need to change the college to the College of Education and Human Sciences and the major to Social Work. Print out the audit.

Next, contact the Academic Department Associate by telephone or email to set up an appointment for you to meet with an advisor in the Department of Social Work.

When you come to the appointment, please bring the following:

1. The "What-If" Degree Audit

2. A list of questions that you have about Social Work as a major and a career

3.  A list of any special projects or activities that you are considering, such as study abroad, immersion trips,  student/faculty collaborative research, etc.

Once you have decided that Social Work is indeed the field you wish to pursue, please contact the Academic Department Associate again, and this person will change your major and assign a permanent advisor to you.

You may contact the Social Work Academic Department Associate at:

Maria Bergevin
Human Sciences and Services Building, Room 253