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Change of Major/Minor Procedures

How to change to a Major in the Materials Science Program:

1.  If you are considering changing your major to Materials Science, or if you are declaring a major for the first time and want your major to be in Materials Science, begin by reviewing the Catalog explanation of the Materials Science major.  You must select an emphasis area, in addition to declaring a major.  You can change your emphasis at any time, but you must choose one initially. The emphases that you may elect to study in Materials Science include:

  • Physics of Materials

  • Chemistry of Materials

  • Geomaterials

  • Liberal Arts

  • Nanoscience

  • Applied Materials

2.  To start, please print out a "What-If" Degree Audit and bring it with you to appointments.  This audit will give you and your advisor an understanding of what is needed to complete a degree in Materials Science.  Also examine the catalog description for the major, or stop by the Program office (see below) to get an advising sheet.  These sheets are also available from the Admissions office or the Academic Advising office.

3. Contact the Academic Department Associate in Materials Science (by phone, e-mail, or in person – see contact information below) and ask that they set up an appointment for you to meet with an advisor or the program chair.   Just before meeting with the advisor, stop by the Program office to obtain a “Change of Major” form from the the Academic Department Associate. 

Bring the following documents with you to the meeting with the advisor:

  • Your Change of Major form

  • The "What-If" Degree Audit

  • Any questions you may have about the major

  • Your “plan” for the next few semesters

This plan may be based on your intended graduation date, a schedule of possible classes in future semesters, or be framed around your plans after graduation (graduate school, industry, teaching). Your plan need not be complete but should reflect your overall goals.  Your advisor will go over this material with you and offer you assistance in your preparation for future semesters.

4. If you elect to declare a major in Materials Science (once you have met with an advisor), bring your signed Change of Major form to the Academic Department Associate and request that your major be changed online and have a permanent advisor assigned to you.

You may contact the Academic Department Associate as follows:

Ann Ormond Fennell
Department of Geology / Materials Science Program
Phillips Hall 177

If you have additional questions, please contact:

Marc McEllistrem
Materials Science Program
Phillips Hall 144